Automatic Design of Robot Swarms

The research project "DEMIURGE: automatic design of robot swarms" is funded by the European Research Council via an ERC Consolidator Grant

Principal investigator: Mauro Birattari

The DEMIURGE project

The scope of the DEMIURGE project is the automatic design of robot swarms. Swarm robotics is an appealing approach to the coordination of large groups of robots. Up to now, robot swarms have been designed via some labor intensive process.

Our goal is to advance the state of the art in swarm robotics by developing the DEMIURGE: an intelligent system that is able to design and realize robot swarms in a totally integrated and automatic way.

The DEMIURGE is a novel concept. Starting from requirements expressed in an appropriate specification language, the DEMIURGE will design all aspects of a robot swarm: hardware and control software. The DEMIURGE will not create the design of a robot swarm from scratch: it will operate on a number of preexisting software and hardware modules — it will obtain candidate designs by properly assembling these modules and fine-tuning their parameters.

Open positions


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